Amy Aker

I grew up in the heart of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Fond memories spring from endless hours making art as a child with a stack of paper, crayons and scissors. Art making was what gave me joy and allowed my imagination to take root. My recent printmaking has revived that early sense of wellbeing!

With a BFA from Mass College of Art, I worked first as a print designer, then as an art teacher and was able to take time out in between to raise a family. Teaching elementary art was a dream job for me and it gave me the opportunity to share the enthusiasm I remembered as a child.

I retired in 2019 and now spend most of my time at Western Ave Studio (422) in Lowell. It had always been my plan to focus more seriously as an artist in retirement. Printmaking, painting, making a mask, cutting a shape, creating a splash or spill – for me it’s all a wonderful discovery!

I’m happily involved in the lifelong process of finding my artistic voice. My work is diverse and experimental and is what keeps me engaged in the world and connected to a wonderful group of artists who I’ve been lucky enough to learn from and without whom I’d be lost.